Today, Hook's 26th birthday, is a day to celebrate for more than one reason. Of course, his birthday is the main event but I believe what's also worth celebrating is today's moment of proof and truth that we are, in the language of Facebook, "in a relationship." How can I tell it's the real deal?

Today we danced. Not like wedding dates who sway to the music with awkward and tentative steps. Not like royal couples whose every sashay is carefully timed, practiced, and orchestrated. Not like a pair of timeworn lovers whose sparkle has dimmed and who are simply going through the motions. Nope. We danced at liberty in the arena today like a couple of teenagers, busting moves like tomorrow will never come. We bolted, we spun, we paused to catch our breath, we zigged and zagged, we were a gaggle of arms and legs flailing (and bucking) in every direction without a thought or a plan, and yet...we moved in nearly perfect synchronicity, much to my amazement and utter joy. He was my mirror image. And I was his. It was three full minutes of magic, mixed with a lot of happy mayhem.

Being the sweetest, feistiest, and most generous equine I know, Hook gave me the ultimate gift on his birthday: a soul-stirring memory that will last the rest of my one wild and precious life. đź’ť

Cake & carrots for all!